ABC, the reinvented and customizable chocolate.
A chocolate’s brand where the experience goes beyond eating the chocolate, making it more enduring.​​​​​​​
I am not a rebel, but I reinterpret the rules.
I am not unique, but I have my own taste.
I am not a globetrotter, but I look for new adventures to explore.
I am not a non-conformist, but I search for new things to amaze me. 
I am not a trend-setter, but I have my own voice and opinion.
I am not just a chocolate, I am your creation.
Don’t let them define you.

ABC Chocolate
With an assortment of 36 pieces, 12 of each kind, ABC chocolate offers a variety of different flavors and shapes that generate more than 200 possible combinations. Creating your own praline is as easy as choosing one piece from each category: a top cup, a spherical heart and a praline base. Dare yourself to experiment with and enjoy the different combinations, while you share them with nearest and dearest.
All the pieces can be found inside a simple, minimalistic white box, breaking away from the traditional way of displaying chocolates. After all, they haven’t been created yet!
The only lettering found on the box is the brand name, ABC chocolate, accompanied by actual images of the spherical hearts placed in the exact same position as you will find them inside. Once you open it, you won’t believe the arrangement of the chocolates and the colorful combination of shapes and textures.
Every piece is coded with a character and two numbers, the character indicates the typology of this part, ‘A’ for the top part, ‘B’ for the spherical heart and ‘C’ for the base. Numbers indicate the flavour and ingredients of each one. This code allows customers to remember their favorite combinations and share them on social media, which constitutes a significant part of our marketing communication.

Brand Story
Working as a publicist may seem exciting. Marta and Toni though, found that it ended up being a profession like any other, full of rules and responsibilities. However, at the weekends when both spent their time cooking delicious recipes and calling themselves “expert chocolatiers”, this feeling faded away.
What started off as a hobby to escape the daily routine, suddenly became part of it. After a while, it started to feel like another obligation. They kept following instructions step-by-step, giving up the most creative part of themselves. As a result, Marta decided to get rid of all of her cookery books, so from that moment they could follow their own rules, willing to explore new recipes with all kinds of ingredients.
Surprisingly, the most unexpected mixes of flavors turned out to be delicious and they were able to rediscover their creative spark. It had become their new passion.
A passion that would not remain within the confines of their kitchen.
Marta and Toni said their goodbyes to the world of advertising to become full-time chocolatiers.
Combining new flavors, shapes and textures, they offered unique ways to enjoy chocolate and made a promise that they would always remain true to themselves. Their vision has always been to let people have fun and enjoy the pleasure of creating without limits, to let them feel like children again, just like it has in the past.
Thank you!

ELISAVA  MA in Packaging Design.
Tutors: Eva Minguella, Miquel Campany and Jesus Alonso.

ABC - The reinvented chocolate