Brand Identity Development
BRAND NEW LIFE aims to be a brand supported by an innovative attitude against the world of new business, differentiating themselves from common solutions market and taking as a partner in different areas, with a common denominator: A NEW SHAPE OF LIFE.
This new attitude, embodied in the metaphor of building a SHAPE or OBJECT or through creases, folds, collages and color differentiation. The SHAPE element as mutant and adaptable to every circumstance.
SHAPE as a new dwelling in the world of business market. The SHAPE element as a representative of a permanent metamorphosis, which multiplies and offers other SHAPES, visions, concepts, lives; SHAPE as a projection of a new way of looking at life business in the future, innovation, quality professionalism and mold to the customer's desire in the final solution.
Thus arises the whole logo and corporate image BRAND NEW LIFE, affirming it as your own skin, your interface with the world and with the market and the way you communicate.