OUCH is a first aid kit against injuries. The small ones.
Lot of people are used to do sports today, but not everyone is a professional. There’s who likes to do it on his own and who maybe gets some practice with friends. This target doesn’t match with the abudance of first aid kits: they are too exaggerated for one single person.
We also wanted to avoid from collecting items separately, because the count would become too expensive.
So we developed five kits for five different types of injury: allergy, burn, contusion, cut, irritation. Each pack contains only essentials for one single person and one single usage.
OUCH kits have a modular shape, so users can mix their packs in regard to the activity they want doing.
The disposable use lets to save money, but also avoids waste. OUCH is made most of cardboard, except for medical items that are hermetically sealed, so it’s recyclable.