Duchenne Heroes - Team the Nono's Maastricht
Graphic design - volunteer work
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Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a severe recessive form of muscular dystrophy characterized by rapid progression of muscle degeneration, eventually leading to loss of ambulation and death. This affliction affects one in 4000 males, making it the most prevalent of muscular dystrophies. In general, only males are afflicted, though females can be carriers. Females may be afflicted if the father is afflicted and the mother is also a carrier/ affected. 

Symptoms usually appear in male children before age 5 and may be visible in early infancy. Progressive proximal muscle weakness of the legs and pelvis associated with a loss of muscle mass is observed first. Eventually this weakness spreads to the arms, neck, and other areas. By age 10, braces may be required to aid in walking but most patients are wheelchair dependent by age 12. Later symptoms may include abnormal bone development that lead to skeletal deformities, including curvature of the spine. Due to progressive deterioration of muscle, loss of movement occurs, eventually leading to paralysis. Intellectual impairment may or may not be present but if present, does not progressively worsen as the child ages. The average life expectancy for patients afflicted with DMD varies from late teens to early to mid 20s. There have been reports of a few DMD patients surviving to the age of 40, but this is extremely rare.

Duchenne Heroes are mountainbikers who ride for 7 days and are sponsored during their ride. All the collected money goes to the research of Duchenne. 

This year, the team of my hometown, Maastricht approached me to do the graphic design for their campaign, in search of sponsors. Of course I said yes. Here are samples of the products I made for them, I will update this portfolio whenever I have finished new products for them...

If you would like to sponsor them, there's more info to be found onf their website (in Dutch)
http://www.thenonosmaastricht.nl. They also have their own LinkedIn group: DuchenneHeroesLimburg.
The logo is composed out of elements that are important to the team: a mountainbiker, the star and bridge (symbolising the city of Maastricht) and the colours are white and red (again: Maastricht) and Yellow and blue (Limburg)
This poster will be placed in supermarkets where people are encouraged to donate the money they get back when returning empty bottles, 
These (image above and below) are the front and backside of the businesscards they will be using during their search for sponsors
Below is a huge banner (1,35 meter x 2 meter)