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    Illustration project for TIMBRE Headphones.

The TIMBRE GITARA Headphone Illustration project
TIMBRE (tam-ber): The Color of Music.
We Support LOKAL Art + Music.
We also happen to sell HEADPHONES and other audio accessories.
Client: TIMBRE
Client Point Person: Paul Diaz (CEO of TIMBRE)
Illustration & Character Design: Lei Melendres
Headphones Design: Team Manila

Check out the Headphones:

Started with the shape of the headphones. Two headphones intertwined forming a YinYang / Infinity look.
Placed monsters and other elements all around the headphones.
Started doing the linework using Unipin sign pens.
Traced the shape of the headphones and continued doing linework.
From another angle. Three stars and a sun design to show the national flag of the Philippines and the official logo of TIMBRE floating in the middle.
Done with the outer linework.
Off to shading. Guitara (guitar) design by Team Manila to portray the Filipino music.
Additional shadings.
Dj playing the official TIMBRE logo.
That's me with my logo on the bottom-right corner.
We support local music.
Final artwork on paper. 
Digital Artwork
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