In this project, we were asked to pick a convention and create an entire branding system for it. And so I picked the annual folk music festival that takes place in Berkeley and renamed it Berkeley Folk Jam with the intention of attracting a younger audience. The project consists of a series of 3 large posters, a brochure, tickets and giveaways. The idea was to make the entire identity look bold, clean and modern looking, for the younger crowd, but maintaining the charm of folk music. And so the mustache man with the top hat and a pair of sunglasses starts acting like a mascot almost, since he is also part of the logo. The tickets consisted of folk music cds for three different crowds. One for the older folks, one for the younger folks, and one for kids so that it could appeal to all three major crowds. The giveaway was 'Stache on a Stick' for fun.
logo in color and black and white
convention booklet
give aways - 'Stache on Sticks'
convention tickets
name tags
poster series
environmental display