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    Brain Fuel
Society is facing a lot of different social issues, and organizations and movements are being created every day to address them. But, are they successful? The objective was to choose a specific company, organization, or movement that needs help marketing its services in a more appealing way. We were asked to make a thorough assessment of the organization and its market, and begin a process of branding it and giving it a new voice based on the core messages that it communicates. Design solutions needed to be developed in a way that utilized sustainable practices.
Childhood nutrition has become a vital topic lately because of the increasingly number of obese children. But nutrition has a lot of implications other than health. What a kid eats also determines how well her mind functions. That’s why I focused on the company “Brain Fuel”. Their website provides much needed information about this issue. After several weeks of research I gave the company an extreme makeover, making all their content look more kid friendly and simple to digest.