The thing about logo design is to set your feelings aside. You can not take revisions to your work personally. You have to create what is inside your customers head, but better.

4 Private Label had a logo, an old ugly logo. I was asked to create a new updated logo for this custom label bottled water company.  Adobe Photoshop
After US Bottling and 4 Private Label were acquired by Blind Industries and Services of Maryland, a new logo was required.  Adobe Illustrator.
This customer wanted something simple. He wanted some sort of icon to go along with name. I settled on a simple font and the net and ball used in lacrosse.  Adobe Illustrator
I wanted so badly to design a very high tech logo, with lots of beveling and highlights. The customer wanted simple. After many, many versions, this one took.  Adobe Illustrator
Maryland Native Plant Society had never been able to agree on a label design, until I came along. They wanted a logo that showed the different landscapes of Maryland. They wanted to show the Mountains to the west, the bay and the beach.  Adobe Illustrator
Sunshine alley was for an old bowling alley converted into a gift shop.  Adobe Illustrator
Rare By Design  Adobe Illustrator