SugarCRM Corporate Website - 07.2011

SugarCRM is a business software provider targeting small to medium businesses. As a sole web designer at SugarCRM, I have established the look and feel and developed most of the site. In five years, I have worked on several redesigns, event and promotional microsites, internal site for partners, etc.

At that time, I happily worked in a text editor (Homesite + FireBug - don't laugh!) and  Photoshop, of course, and developed functional web pages from my own designs.
(Please note that as of 08/2011 I am not involved in the  design and the look and feel has changed.)
Home page of as of July 2011, a corporate website for an open source software company. Highlighted above the fold: latest product release, value proposition, next steps (demo, try, contact, buy), customer testimonials. Also featured are latest news, events and promotions, as well as section highlighting and recruiting reseller partners. (08/2011)
Published: (08/2011)

As a sole web designer at SugarCRM, I have worked on several redesigns of the corporate website. This 2010 home page aims to clearly communicat Read More


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