The brief
You must - in collaboration with your group - come up with a name and design a visual identity and website for “The Intelligent Office”.

The client
“The Intelligent Office” is a part of Wilders Plads Ejendomme A/S (a 165 year old commercial property company). In the process of optimizing energy consumption and indoor climate the client had trouble finding a suitable solution. To solve the problem, Wilders Plads Ejendomme started a company to develop intelligent office solutions. This company needs a name and identity of its own.

The clients target group is companies and municipal and state departments.

The name
We wanted to find a name that related to the environmental as well as the economical effect.
We chose the name “Thrive” with the tagline “Energy efficiency at work”.

Thrive means to grow vigorously, to gain wealth and to progress towards a goal. The word is used both when talking about people and business, but also when referring to the growth of plant life.
Thrive’s logomark is a plant thriving and thus growing. To make sure the eco aspect of the brand does not take over completely we have made the plant of stylized upwards pointing arrows.
The logo
I was in charge for the icon design for the system’s touch interface.
The light regulation icon is designed with inspiration from a very popular danish lamp design by Poul Henningsen.
User Interface
We chose to make the control panel as an iPad app. In that way it is easy to carry around.
The app is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

“The Intelligent Office” makes it possible to monitor the energy consumption from outlet to outlet and the carbon dioxide content on a room basis.

I was in charge of this part
Overview and floorplan
Statistical overview
Matias made the design as well as the 3d mockups.


A full visual identity for a company making "The intelligent office"

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