Collaborating with designers and creatives of different disciplines is a passion of mine.  It's fascinating to see how we all interpret the creative process differently and the story telling that comes out of these types of collaborations is always inspiring.  I wanted the Creative Suite 5 Launch to be a celebration of creativity.  In that we created a canvas and direction for artists to contribute to this celebration.  Enter '5'.
Contributing Creatives were: Keith Anderson, Alex Lyman, Alexandra Tyler, Zeitguised, Nanospore, Universal everything, Kusta Sakski, Toleson Design, Platinum, Seagulls Fly, Acme to name a few.
Zeitgeist, Kustaa Saksi, Universal Everything, Nanospore, and Toleson design were the five artists we got to collaberate and create the Creative Suite 5 Master Collection identity.
Initial Zeitguised renderings.
Initial Universal Everything patern.
Kustaa Saksi patern.
Nanospore character design.
Each of the product pages had their own '5'.  This is an example of a Creative Suite Production Premium 5 page that I designed while concepting the interaction design.  The idea was that the '5' would sit in the background and overlaying the '5' would be interactive hot spots that would animate open and play a video inconjunction with the associated features and benefits of the products.