The Project

The client allowed users to book lunches through an online service, but they did not have a mobile app, and were looking to make changes to their business model and to refresh their various ordering technologies.

My company, Idyllic Software was asked to design and build a new app for from the ground up.
Conduct user research to understand stakeholder needs

1. Understanding business model and goals 

We had a casual talk with the owners to understand their business model and goals, and also presented them a questionnaire that required more thought on their part that covered several topics relevant to guide us in design. 

2. Existing Customer Surveys 

We gained insights from existing customers about their experience with the current ordering process and understood their pain points and got to know their expectations and preferences. 

3. Demographic surveys and User Profiles 

Based on our research, we built user personas and experience map to identify main interaction points and friction in the current user experience.
Busy parents with 2-3 children 
Parents who order for the whole month in advance 
Parents who order last minute
Parents who order for the following week.
Parents who order once a week to treat their kids
Order lunch flow
Our design goal was to make it convinient and save time for busy parents who are ordering lunch for their kids. 

Some of the features we decided on with stakeholders: 

Easy to access calendar that can let the parent select dates to place order. Calendar should also give an overview on which dates a child’s lunch is ordered, and which dates are pending. Convey clearly whether orders are open for a particular date, or if the child has a holiday on a particular date. 

Easy wallet-based payment management. 

Create child profile, where a child’s meal preferences and allergens info can be saved.
Functionality to favorite meals, which are always displayed first while placing an order. 7.Referral and loyalty program to increase repeat orders and customer base.
An option to order for multiple children at a time, and/or multiple dates at a time. 
Easy ordering of past orders on other days. 

Received positive feedback from parents about the mobile ordering experience.

65% of the users have now moved to ordering on mobile vs the web service
Future improvements

Search and filters, and sorting functions

On school holidays specify the holiday and make it delightful with illustrations

Filter calendar screen by individual child, as not all children may have holidays on the same day.
School lunch

School lunch


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