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Kongress Bar – Corporate Design

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David B. Walker, founder of Die Registratur, and Damir Stabek have run the Kongress Bar since 2010. Kongress Bar is in the Congress Hall on the heritage-preserved premises of Munich's old exhibition centre, Alte Messe. The bar was designed by its owner, the Edith-Haberland-Wagner Foundation, to echo the 1950s style of the Congress Hall.
Development of corporate design and advertising / communication material.
The content and form of the central idea was inspired by the building and based on the German post-war boom years ('Wirtschaftswunder'). The logo and communication material were shaped by the simple elegance and clean lines of the 1950s, creating an overall image in harmony with the building and the refined, dandyesque aesthetics of bar culture.
Bureau for Visual Communication and Interior Design
Kongress Bar – Corporate Design

Kongress Bar – Corporate Design

Büro für Visuelle Kommunikation und Innenarchitektur Hans-Preißinger-Str. 8, Halle A
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