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Santa Maria Alugaqui
In this job I was hired by Três Quadros Filmes to take care of only 3D characters. I did only the characters modeling, shading, RIG, animation, lighting and render based on the amazing concept art made by Estudio Minetto. I have a good help on props modeling from my friend Bruno Dalla (the folliage vase, suitcases, cakes and cupcakes). Bruno Dalla also made the motion graphics and final composition of this material at Três Quadros Filmes.

The first idea is about a young man who had to move to the city where the rental company works to start college and he needs a place to rent.
The second idea is about a newly married couple who need a place to start their life together.
The third idea is about a possible widow or divorcee who is arriving 
in the city to try to start a new life with her pet.
The fourth and last idea is about a city businesswoman who has grown in her business beyond expectations and needs a better and bigger place to be able to produce more.
Some extra screens...
Santa Maria Alugaqui