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747 Games New Design

747 is a skill based betting game app

Since its launch within a period of 2 months, the game became a viral hit with over 100,000 registered users, was top 5 in app store puzzles games category and over USD 1M worth of games played.Today the game has half a million registered users.

My role and involvement

747 is a very special project for me. We launched 747 as our company was struggling to survive, and it was crucial to create a product that generates revenue, and launch quickly. 
We managed with limited resources, and we succeeded beyond our hopes!

I was involved in this project throughout - right from the concept to designing the business model, the UI/UX, launching to market with social media campaigns, digital marketing, website, customer support, and strategizing the next features.

I am happy and proud to have experienced the adventure of becoming a start-up first-hand.
Dashboard and chips screen

We introduced a large banner area where we can use to promote our game and events, or even use as an advertisement space. 

There is also a carousel which displays text shout outs. We can announce latest winners, and other attractions in this space.
Our games

All 747 games are two player games. For each game, the odds to win is 50/50, the highest odds than any other betting game.

Both players are asked the same question. Player who answers correctly fastest wins.
If the game is tied, a random winner is chosen.

747 Math 

When we first launched 747, the only game we had was 747 Math.

Why did we choose a math game? Because it has a zero learning curve!

Unlike poker, chess and other skill based games, Both players get asked a single math question. Answer is always a single digit, from 0 to 9. Because the games are so simple, we easily converted users across all age groups, and our user base grew by thousands each day.

747 Math
747 Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a popular card game in India, similar to flush. Both the players get the same set of cards, which makes it a skill based game as we remove the factor of luck. Players tap one card to create the biggest Teen Patti hand. 
Results screens

Here are some animations for when the game goes into a tie, and a random winner is chosen.
The challenges and how we solved them:

Pending games

One of the biggest challenge we faced was when a player plays a game, and there is no opponent who has played the same bet amount. In such a case the game goes into a pending state.

People lost excitement when their games went in the pending state when players weren’t matched fast enough and stopped playing.


Increase number of players on the same chip so people get matched faster

Match people faster even if they played on different chips

Give players incentive to continue playing, even if games went in pending state
Reduce anxiety people get when they see no results, but the game amount is reduced from their wallet
Solving for:

Increase number of players on the same chip so people get matched faster

747 Monkeys

A monkey game is an assured win of your answer is correct.

A monkey game will pay the player 2 to 10 to ANY amount of times the original bet amount.

A monkey on a chip indicates there are monkeys lurking around on those games. It does not mean all the games on that are monkey games.

Monkeys appear randomly, and a player won’t know if a game is a monkey game, until they appear on your results screen!
A monkey will always give an wrong answer - no matter what, the answer is always "Banana". Hence if the player answers correctly, it is an assured win.
How monkeys games help

Attracts focus and interest of players on chosen chips

Helps in concentrating players on chosen chip so players match faster

Introduces an element of surprise.

Brings personality to the game, as monkeys are all given characters and personas

Rewards players who give the correct answer, discouraging people who make blank guesses in the two button mode.
The monkey on the chip attracts user's focus on it, and will thus encourage more people to play the same chip - hence lesser waiting time to find a matching opponent.
Monkey games play 2 to ANY number of times the bet amount.
Observed impact after we introduced monkey games

Immediate spike in active players whenever we send notifications of monkeys lurking

Increase in total gaming by 20 to 30 percent whenever we have monkey games

80% to 90% of players play chips with the monkey on them

Pending game time reduced on average from 10 min to 3 min

Huge amounts of monkey wins given to players cumulatively since launch. Giving back to players increases retention.

Players are often so happy they share screenshots of their monkey win with support staff in chats.

Increase in referrals
Solving for:

Match people faster even if they played on different chips

Fast Pair Mode


Players can play all games from the same screen, Math 2 and 10 buttons and Discard. They can turn off games they don't wish to play.

Players are suggested games that are already waiting for an opponent. When player accepts these games, it’s an instant match.

If there are no pending games by other players to be suggested, the player’s game will go in pending, but will be suggested to other players in Fast Pair mode and will get matched as soon as possible.
Observed Impact

10 to 15% of our players prefer to play in Fast Pair mode

In fast pair mode, the time in pending state reduces from 10 min to as low as 0 min to upto 5 min, depending on the time of the day.

People who love to play all 3 games don’t have to switch to home screen to change the game
Solving for:

Give players incentive to continue playing, even if games went in pending state

First player advantage


Even though we try to reduce pending games wait time with features such as monkeys and fast pair mode, we still don’t have the volume of games to eliminate it completely.

Hence we started giving 10% of game amount as cashback to the first player of any game, when their game enters the pending state.

Even though the game is in pending, which a user doesn’t enjoy, they enjoy the fact that they got something out of it.

Over time, the amount of cashback adds up to a significant amount, which users can see on their wallet screen.
First player advantage
We also show users the lifetime accumulated earnings from their first player advantage, so they continue gaming more and feel rewarded.
Observed Impact

Negative feedback from users about the wait times reduced by 20%

Players continued to play more games even while waiting to get matched. Players who would stop after 2-3 games in pending state, now had 7-8 games before they stopped.
747 Games New Design

747 Games New Design


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