Plywood Presents: The Hope of Collaboration
On January 28, Plywood People hosted "Plywood Presents: The Hope of Collaboration" in Atlanta, GA. I was privileged to work again with the Plywood team on this continuation of their Plywood Presents series [you can see my designs for the first Plywood Presents, "Making Ideas Happen", with best-selling author Scott Belsky, in my Behance profile; the following event is a continuation of the branding established there].

The concept behind the identity of the event follows some of the identity established in the first Plywood Presents, but pushes it further in a new direction. I used Plywood’s font, Zag, for the brand’s titling, and used Knockout for the event titling. The “Plywood Green” and “Presents Blue” circles are back from the first event as well, but enmeshed closer this time to imply forces “coming together.” The visual representation of "collaboration" is repeated also in the background - each graphic for The Hope of Collaboration has a background with two unique patterns meeting to create a third pattern.

I have enjoyed designing the identity and materials for this event again.