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Bailey Nelson Brand Refresh

In Bondi Beach back in 2012, the two guys who founded Bailey Nelson started selling hand crafted eyewear at the local markets. Their mission was to completely bypass the unfair, overpriced eyewear market that’s dominated by a handful of companies globally. Adopting a direct-to-consumer business model, Pete and Nick cut out the middlemen and worked directly with material suppliers and factories. They were able to create glasses that were the same if not better quality than designer pairs for a fraction of the price. A brand project completed by Interbrand, Sydney in 2014 had helped propel them from a handful of boutiques in Sydney and Melbourne to stores in the UK, Canada and New Zealand. 

By 2018. Bailey Nelson had seen rapid and responsible growth with over 70 stores in four countries, cutting edge optometry services and a wider range of quality products. The brand faced a new challenge; Bailey Nelson needed to position themselves as a global eyewear brand, a disruptor of the market and a uniquely Australian experience.

Led by a multitalented internal team, we setup a creative department to help define the brand strategy and develop the updated visual and verbal identity. Working closely with the product design team, the existing brand was evolved. The original brand strategy ‘Look Different’ was given new meaning; taking it from looking different in Bailey Nelson eyewear, to the perspective that Bailey Nelson has about every aspect of their business and the industry.

Designed to be scalable, simple and clean, the new brand takes the idea of 'Look Different', our Bondi roots and a no-nonsense approach to glasses and optometry, and presents it to the world as a youthful alternative to the overpriced and boring alternatives.

Creative Direction: Ed Hall & Ryan Nix.
Head of Creative: Ed Hall.
Head of Product Design: Ryan Nix.
Product Designer: Dom Caillard.

Marketing Manager: Tara Howard.
Designers: Wendy San, Kat Leontyeva, Boaz Suen.
Marketing: Arabella Peterson, Taylor Ryan, Emily Powell, Steph Murray.
Store Design: Emma Jones.
Visual Merchandise: Emma Jones, CJ Campbell, Naomi Krtolina.
Artists: Zac Fay, Matt Blease, Hanna Lee Joshi, Tom Gerrard, Funskull, Abbey Withington.
Photographers: Alana Dimou, Rene Vaile, Cybele Malinowski, Gavriel Maynard, Max Doyle, Nogani Moore, Ryan Nix, Ben Murphy.
Animation: Conlan Normington, Never Sit Still.


Refreshed brand assets
Clean and simple, perfect for communicating clearly.

Representing difference.
Patterns and animations are created using 5 common face shapes.

Communicate the complicated.
We commissioned Matt Blease to help tell our story and what we do..

Beautiful detail.
Product photography is clean, sharp and highlights the hand crafted details.

Real life. Kind of.
Tongue-in-cheek, fun and all shot on film. Lifestyle imagery presents the world of BN.

Bondi around the world.
Proud of our roots. we take a slice of Bondi to our stores around the world.

We love local.
We commission local artists to help us integrate in new locations.

Nothing to hide.
Our tone of voice is open and candid, we say it how it is.

Bailey Nelson Brand

Bailey Nelson Brand

Bailey Nelson Brand Refresh. A brand project completed by Interbrand, Sydney in 2014 had helped propel them from a handful of boutiques in Sydney Read More