Marou for Salon de Chocolat 2012
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    Branded materials for Marou Chocolate
Every year, we will develop special items for Marou's involvement in the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. Marou asked for materials that they could conveniently take with them to Paris, and hand out to the fans. In 2012. We developed the economical &  "bar-sized" brochure, a billboarding shopping bag,  and an editioned set of screen printed posters, which flow together, forming one long organic composition.
The Brochure is the same proportion as the chocolate bars, and uses a single sheet of paper cut and folded to create a 6 page brochure. The brochure is printed with the same methods as the Chocolate wrappers. They tell the Marou story, as well as a product description for each chocolate bar. Brochure translated to French, English, and Japanese.
The posters, A2 size, are screen printed gold, on each of the 5 Marou bar colors. Each poster was hand editioned. They functioned individually or flowed together as a set. These were specifically  created to commemorate Marou's participation in the Salon Du Chocolat Paris 2012.
Simple recycled paper. THe bags can billboard together to create a highly visible modular wall at Marou's booths at chocolate fairs. Repeating and connected patters are prevalent in the Marou Visual identity, making note of the factory and single origin path.
Images shot by Wing Chan