Final Blow | 2020 Vision Get Wild Award

Motion Graphics

2020 VisionGetWild Opening Film 

“Final Blow”

Extending the concept of key visual this year, ”Final Blow,” it’s a spiritual young blood battle in this film. To designers, every single design process is tremendous challenge, not only compass existing style, also break through themselves again and again. As development of the concept, the story is telling about two forces compete continually, both of them make several moves in diverse styles, including cute, futuristic, and 3D gaming...etc.

It’s unprecedented to use Chinese traditional typography as talking trash and motion graphics to express differences and tension of speaking tones. After winning the battle, the winner doesn’t have chance to relax,  and next challenge will come soon again.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Directed by Bito
Creative Director:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu
Copy Director:黃心怡 Vicki Huang
Art Director:蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su
Account Manager:彭乃芸 Naiyun Peng
Senior Producer : 劉妤暄 Tammy Liu
Producer : 李維德 WeiTe Lee
Ideation:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu / 黃心怡 Vicki Huang / 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su
Key Visual Design : 郭怡辰 Yi-Chen Kuo / 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su / 邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao

Lead Designer:郭怡辰 Yi-Chen Kuo
Designer: 王璿甯 Hsuan-Nin Wang / 呂秉真 Binbin Lu / 許凱鈞 KhooKG
Storyboard:王璿甯 Hsuan-Nin Wang / 邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao

Lead Animator: 邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao
2d Animator: 陳柏尹 Bruce Chen
Cel Animator:呂秉真 Binbin Lu
3D Animator : 高慶和 Chin Ho Kao / 黃鈺凱 Steve Huang
Painting Artist : 王璿甯 Hsuan-Nin Wang
Stop Motion Crew : 鄭楷 Kai Cheng / 蔡易廷 Eating Tsai / 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su
Compositing : 邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao
Editing : 邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao

Music & Sound Design : Aimar Molero​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Final Blow | 2020 Vision Get Wild Award