BORT: Identity & Packaging
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    Objective: brand a raw material. To build an identity system, stationary package , and an extension of the system to a package or brochure.
Objective:  to brand a raw material.
Build an identity system, stationary package, and one extension of the system to a package or brochure.

BORT: the name of diamonds that don't fit the aesthetic standards to be used in jewelry.
a.k.a. Industrial diamonds. Diamonds are the strongest natural substance known to man and they are frequently used in industrial strength tools, for sanding, cutting and drilling. They can also be ground up and used in industrial sandpaper.
logo is the counter form of the diamond shaped "O" of the logotype, broken up and rotated 90 degrees.
the facets of the brilliant cut diamond, broken apart and spaced to create grit
envelope die-cut:  should show solid logo on front of letterhead. The inside is lined with the black, bort pattern.
security pattern on the back of the letterhead.
top of the letterhead
sandpaper packaging. the white numbers would change, based on the grit of the paper.