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    3 weeks precedent study, third year of architecture school, the Fay Jones School of Architecture, the University of Arkansas.
The objective of this exercise was to understand building layers and assembly logic in wide-span spaces through the study of one structural bay then modeling it digitally and physically, as a precedent study for an upcoming design project.
The challenge of the exercise was to appropriately model the unusual facade of the building, using the available documentation.

For more information about the project please visit: http://www.gramaziokohler.com/web/e/projekte/52.html
Images courtesy of Gramazio & Kohler
After studying the logic that was used to form the brick panels, then referring to the available documentation of the project, it was clear that it is possible to use Rhino+Grasshopper to simulate the actual brick facade based on the firm's diagrams.
Draft definition using diagram of one of the panels to model it
3D printing the panels
Final board
Final model
Light pattern on the inside, grapes pattern on the outside