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Retrospective 1991-94
After graduating from RISD in 1991, I focused on a series of portrait commissions.  During this 3 year period I started by airbrushing the whole composition, then applied a meticulous linear style with colored pencils and liquid acrylics using small brushes. Rendering features and forms with subtle gradations of colors vibrating off one another was my primary exploration, hence the term Line-illism. 
Inspired by a process I initiated in Chris Van Alsburg's Pen & Ink Scratchboard class this intricate style evolved. 
 Kelli, Acrylic and Color Pencil,  24" x 18",  1992
Kelli, (close-up)
Kelli, (close-up)
Will, Daisy & Alex, Acrylic and Color Pencil,  24" x 42",  1992
Daisy (close-up)
Bryce, Acrylic and Color Pencil,  22" x 36",  1992 
Bryce, (close-up)
Taylor, Acrylic and Color Pencil,  20" x 30",  1992
Taylor, (close-up)
Annupa, Acrylic,  32" x 18",  1993
Annupa, (close-up)
Sarah, Emily and AJ, Acrylic,  24" x 46",  1993 
Emily, (close-up)
Diane and Puppy Dogs, Acrylic,  22"x 34",  1994 
Lady (closeup)
Mack, Acrylics and Color Pencil, 1993
Retrospective 1991-94

Retrospective 1991-94

Retrospective 1991-1994 Portraits in Acrylics, Colored Pencils and Airbrush