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    Here's my take on Tiffany Ford's Daily Color Block tag on Tumblr.
Daily Color Block
Here is my take on Tiffany Ford’s Daily Color Block tag on Tumblr.
"The idea of the project was to create a graphic description of the colors and shapes that you choose for yourself everyday." -Tiffany Ford
Here's 4 weeks worth of outfit illustrations that I started working on mid May (which was probably Manila's hottest month). Come mid June, the rain began pouring like crazy, so I ditched my minis and switched to wearing pants and boots.
What's funny is that I don’t wear much color. I usually stick with my neutrals (trust me, I can go a week wearing only black), so there isn't really much "color blocking" in this. Fortunately, I was able to add a pop of green and orange somewhere in the middle of this project. Such an achievement! Haha. That’s a yay for me!