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Stay Close(d) - #CoVid19 Worldwide poster collection.

We're Close or closed? With the CoVid19 quarantine both terms has acquired new meanings and values. We are locked in, closed in our houses, Isolated from what we’ve considered the reality till now. Closed but close to each others because we're all together in this "nightmare", in this new way of perceiving the reality. We can recap this moment by saying: > We’re all alone together <

Srecko Horvat, a Croatian philosopher, told to The New York Times that the expression "social distancing" (not staying close to avoid virus spreading) is not a good thing. We should say "physical distancing", because in reality this crisis "is bringing us all closer together on a social, mental and emotional level". Coronavirus, Horvat says, also reduces the divisions between old and young, producing a kind of "an international generation".

As a designers we need to communicate this to people to keep them informed and to pointing the finger through the right way to live and see the world. BE CREATIVE, use your talent to make people more informed about the meaning of “Stay Close(d)”. We launched this OPEN CREATIVE CHALLENGE From IED Milano to the world. A lot of designers, Artists and students from every part of the globe sent their vision on the topic in just one week. Students, professional designers, illustrators, teachers. More than 120 submission demonstrate that "We're Close(d)" for real. 

We would love to say thank you to all for showing your support to this challenge and to made our IED Students feel part of a bigger community, a united world that can speak and point the finger through design and arts to the real values.

Steven Dana (USA) -  Professional illustrator -------- website >>>

From left: Stella Wilke - Ambre Carladous - Stella Wilke - Anna Carera (IED Milano Students)

Francesca Presentini (Fraffrog) ------- website >>>

Arishba Memon (CEAD - Pakistan) - Asya Paolucci (Italy) -  Annalisa Acicca (Italy)

Kye-soo Myung - Former President at Visual Information Design Association of Korea:VIDAK - Professor of Emeritus presso Konkuk University (South Korea)

From left: Malak Hammouda (IED Milano) - Mirko Sbrana (IED Milano) - Marta Degli Orti (Italy)

Patricia Norrish (Italy)

From left: Roopa Rani (CEAD Pakistan) - Suneeha Tahir (CEAD Pakistan) . Sara Berti (Italy) 

Ramona Bruno (Italy / France) ------ website >>>

From left: Noa Sempels (IED Milano) - Oyku Naz Onen (IED Milano) - Serena Mazzi (Italy)

From left: Silvia Borri (Italy) - Sebastiano La Monca (Italy)

Mauro Panzeri (IED Milan Professor)

Matteo Cupella (Italy)

Maria Sol Soto Chasvin (IED Milano)

Goyo Rodriguez (Spain) ---- website >>>

Hannah Roan (Herron School of Art and Design - USA)

From left: Giuseppe Schiavone (Italy) - Ermanno Iodice (IED Milano) - Eva Luna (Italy

Marco Natolli (Italy) ----- website >>>

From left: Marco Giammarioli (Italy) - Hareem Naz (CEAD Pakistan) - Kailin Bi (Taihu University of Wuxi China)

Noemi Listo (Italy) ------- official instagram page >>>

Karyna Mykytiuk (University of Brighton - Ukraine) 

Lorenzo Visciglio (Italy)

Marta Mez (Italy / Poland) -------- website >>>

From left: Luca Mantovani (Italy) - Maddalena Pavanello (Italy) - Manuel Amato (Italy)

Jarred Elrod (USA) ------ website >>>

From left: Marina Bonanni (IED Professor) - Lorenzo Noventa (IED Mi) - Luca Celi (University of Brighton - Ukraine) - Maria Vittoria Miccoli Minarelli (IED Mi)

BOB Liuzzo (IED Professor)

Emanuele Grittini (Italy) ------ official instagram page >>>

From left: Davide Sottile (IED Professor) - Claudio Ceccarelli (Italy) - Chiara Fiorani (Italy)

Cosimo Miccoli (IED Milano)

From Left: Dua Jamali (CEAD - PAkistan) - Camilla Sabatino (IED Milano) - Chiara Bonzano (IED MIlano)

Gerardo Corizzo (IED Milano)

From left: Giselle Santana (IED Milano) - Emily Ricotti (IED Milano)

Giorgia Tosi (Italy)

From left: Giacomo Picciolini (Italy) - Gasya Arapoglu (IED Milano) - Giulio Maria Stifani (Italy)

Martin Bonanno (Abadir, Accademia di design e arti visive - Italy)

Riccardo Roverotto (IED Milano)

Luca Comasco (Italy)

From left: Hali Reeves (University of Florida - USA) - Guendalina Garlato (Italy) - Loris De Orlando (Italy)

Laura Tarò (Italy)

Josefina Kunz (IED Milano)

Luisa Zivarello Gomes  (Italy / Brazil)

From left: Matilde Pietranera (IED Milano) - Niccolò Gelsomini (IED Milano) - Mir Mahandaar Thebo (CEAD - Pakistan)

Silvia Taddei (Italy)

From left: Sebastian Mazzucchielli (IED Milano) - Shae Beechler (Herron School of Art and Design - USA) - Sinem Ozvarnali (IED Milano)
Angela Polizzi (Italy)

Top line from left:  Andrea Giovagnoli (Italy) - Binjie Fan (Taihu University of Wuxi - China) - Carmelo Ventimiglia (Italy) - Chiara Capuano (Italy)
Bottom line from left: Danila Bigazzi (Italy) - Michele Bono (Italy) - Davide Silvestri (Università degli studi di Palermo - Italy)

Donatella Iuliano (Italy) 

Elena Pettinelli (Italy)

From left: Eliana Di Marzo (Italy) - Aasma Qureshi (CEAD - Pakistan) - Erika Strazio (IED Milano)

From left: Alessia Porro (IED Milano) - Alessandro Scuto (IED Milano) - Amaan Morkas (IED Milano)​​​​​​​

From left: Andrea Perego (Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia - Italy) - Anna Black (Ukraine) - Emanuele Paterniti Barbino (Italy)

From left: Elisa Barbarino (Italy) - Gianluca Santoro (Italy)

Giulia Ballerio (Italy)

AboutYou (Italy)

Alessandra Sala (UAL - London)

From Left: Adil baloch (CEAD PAkistan) - Andrea Azzolini (Italy) - Derin Baysal (IED Milano)

Lara Defiore (Argentina)

Giorgia Petrella (Italy)

From Left: Juliana Ernst (IED Milano) - Roberto Escalona (Italy) - Laure Sanchez (IED Milano)

Carola Bugni (IED MIlano)

Chenxin Zhang (Taihu University of Wuxi - China)

Moiz Kandhar (CEAD - Pakistan)

Alessia Sparacino (Italy)

From left: Andrea Callari (IED Roma)- Alessio Menzione (Italy) - Carla Lo Giudice (Italy) - Anan Sonn Kaaren - Bilal Ali (CEAD - Pakistan)

Andrea Amadori (Italy)

Alice Albiri (Italy)

From left: Vladimir Senyuk (Italy) - Vittorio D'Angelo (Italy) - Yuri Michieletti (IED Milano)

Sofia Vignone (Italy)

Muhammad Saleem (Pakistan)

Chiara Fiandaca (Italy)

From Left: Marcello Maffei (Italy) - Davide Ferri (Italy) - Federica D’Arrigo (Itlay) - Francesco Campanella (Italy) - Gholamreza Saffari

Mariana Parodi (IED Milano)

Yan Wang (Taihu University of Wuxi - China)

From left: Yuting xu (Taihu University of Wuxi - China)  - Unzila shaikh (CEAD - Pakistan) - Silvia_Moccaldi (Italy)
Shahreen-Aftab (CEAD - Pakistan)  - 
Sara Ftayeh 

Xinchen Hui (Taihu University of Wuxi - China)  

Daniele Putzu (Italy)

From left: Federica Temporelli (Italy) - Francesco Menegazzo (Italy) - Jacopo Scudellari (Italy)

From top left: Alessandro Pugliese (Italy) - Ali Hassan (CEAD - Pakistan) - Antonio Fruci (Italy) - Antonio Morsillo (Italy) - Blerim Xheladini
Chiara Sartori
(Italy) - Jialun Ren (Taihu University of Wuxi - China)  - Junnan Liang (Taihu University of Wuxi - China) - Lorenzo De Maddalena (Italy)
Ludovico Massari (Italy) - Martina Leonardi (IED Milano) - Sabrina Milella (Italy) - Tianxi Zhu (Taihu University of Wuxi - China) - Vittorio Albano (IED Milano)