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    New oil paintings I came up with for recent solo exhibition 'After Midnight', that was held at Thinkspace Art Gallery, Los Angeles.
A new set of oil paintings I had came up with for a recent exhibition in Los Angeles. Greatly inspired by the weird and spooky within Asian beliefs and culture, After Midnight is my first solo debut in the United States. The event was held at the amazing Thinkspace Art Gallery over at Culver City, Los Angeles. 
Exhibition Postcard
Concept sketch for 'After Midnight'
After Midnight | Oil on canvas | 40 by 30 inches
Mr Clark | Oil on wood panel | 11 by 14 inches
Mr Quag | Oil on wood panel | 11 by 14 inches
Concept sketch for 'Parallel Planes'
Parallel Planes | Oil on canvas | 40 by 30 inches
Sisters | Oil on wood panel | 11 by 14 inches
Concept sketch for 'Moonflies'
Moonflies | Oil on canvas | 30 by 28 inches
Concept sketch for 'Wigs'
Wigs | Oil on canvas | 30 by 24 inches
Concept sketch for 'The Ride'
The Ride | Oil on canvas | 30 by 24 inches
"Lai’s work is technically breathtaking and detailed. Working with oil on canvas, or mixed media on watercolor paper, she combines illustrative and graphic elegance with a hyperreal painting style. Inspired by fairytale and story, her characters inhabit worlds of her own devise; at times playful and at others dark. The work’s whimsy and lightness is tempered by the inclusion of powerful juxtapositions, often staging the surreal against the starkness of reality. The artist’s interest in this co-existence of light and dark, play and revelation, reality and fantasy, result in the exquisite tensions of her imagery. The absurd is often coupled with tender punctuations and revealing pathos, while melancholic themes are softened by unexpected humor. Her compositions incorporate intricate traces of pattern and design which allow her to artfully re-invent familiar spaces, transforming the “known” into something entirely new and visionary. The viewer is left with a feeling of having entered a beautiful world at once distant and strangely near."

— Marieke Treilhard