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SCP-Remote Studio
Full service studio with remote capabilities. 
We want to keep shooting and stay safe…
Welcome to a quick tour of our studio where you can attend a shoot or attend it remotely. We have a couple of different shooting spaces that each can be fashioned to fit a variety of projects.
Studio 306
This is our main shooting space that can be left wide open or we build sets in here. When you watch the video below you will see all sorts of room sets that were all created up here. It is quiet enough that we shoot sync sound in here all the time, not sound proofed but quiet.
Studio 306 Lounge
This adjoins the studio with a giant barn door. When people do attend the shoots, a lot of times they seem to enjoy hanging in here with their laptops and watching the shoot transpire on a 60-inch monitor.  We have also used this area for certain set ups as it has nice available light and it is already furnished.
Studio 306 Rooftop
What you are seeing here is a project we did for Tostitos for Cinco de Mayo. The upright posts were added for the shoot but the roof deck exists. We get nice early and late light up here with an awesome view of downtown Dallas. Or if you are here for a shoot, it always nice to escape to the roof with a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine.
Studio 206 - The Office 
These are actually our offices. We do not shoot down here much but we have used it multiple times for “loft office shoots”.
Studio 203
This is a new self-contained space we recently acquired. It has a kitchen, two baths and a large variety of nooks and crannies. We have been using it a lot as there are new and interesting angles to be found. It is the perfect place to set up for a loft living shoot. We have furniture avail to dress it as well.
Check out this amusing short piece, we tried to give you a taste of the variety of looks we have gotten out of our spaces.
While this has never been a huge selling point of our offerings we have used the exterior quite extensively for urban fashion brands, cars and music videos. It is secluded and safe and has a look !!
Stock Footage
Our friends and partners at SuperStock are offering discounts to any of our clients for stock we may need to fill in for exterior or speciality shots.

On Site Crew 
This is an interesting point, we have our team living in close proximity including our Art Dept lead, Camera Assistant actually living in the building so remote shooting doesn’t even require outsiders to get close.

On Site Casting
We can do a remote casting and very selective callbacks live.

We are fully equipped to shoot most projects without venturing to a rental house.

We maintain a wardrobe room as well as a large prop dept so depending on the needs we do have a lot existing on site already.
SC Pictures follows all DGA safety guidelines including Covid-19.
Andrea Kikot-Executive Producer
Stewart Cohen-Director/DP/Photographer

Located in Dallas, Texas

SCP-Remote Studio


SCP-Remote Studio

A portfolio of the SCPictures production space.