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    Covers for my favourite novels
The Great Book Cover Project #5
The Old Man and the Sea – Slaughterhouse-five – 1984

The Old Man and the Sea cover was originally made as a Moby Dick layout, but I found it more suitable for Hemingway's novel (which was also on my list)

As for the 1984 covers, I couldn't decide. I like both, but I lean towards the red one.
If you've read the book, you'll know the reason for the rats.

And finally, Slaughterhouse-five is a fantastic novel, but a difficult story to illustrate. The main plot is about the carpet bombing of Dresden and the cruelty of war, but – like in other Vonnegut stories – there's much more, from fourth dimensional extraterrestrials to time travel and assassination.

I tried many different versions like this one but the rats won the race
Early layouts