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the island of Majuli, the theater arts in the satra
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    I photographed the monks and the theater arts in the monasteries (Satras) on the river island of Majuli in Assam, India
I photographed the theatrical art Sattriya in the monasteries in the island of Majuli is the largest river island in the world, is situated on the river Brahmaputra in the Indian region of Assam. in recent years, the surface of the island is reduced due to the inundations.
on the island there are about fifty Hindu monasteries (Satras) that produce unique artistic and cultural activities in the world.
the Satras were created by Sankaradeva in the 16th century in the monasteries are adopted young children and they will remain celibate for a lifetime, the child Integrates the monastery's family unit, comprised of more monks of different generations, for life. When he will reach about 20 years old he will in turn welcome a child. Most of the groups of dancing monks of Majuli Thus are taking care of a child. Each One Of These monastic families occupies a house in the heart of the Satras, similar to traditional families except That it is composed only of males.