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    Fastronomy was my MFA thesis project at Advanced Product Design at Umeå Institute of Design, completed in collaboration with Whirlpool in the sum… Read More
    Fastronomy was my MFA thesis project at Advanced Product Design at Umeå Institute of Design, completed in collaboration with Whirlpool in the summer of 2013. Read Less
Background. In 2012, 40% of Scandinavian households had only one occupant and this trend continues to grow. Daily, these households face the challenges of cooking for one in order to resist the temptation of consuming convenient ready-meals. Since 1980, the amount of home cooked meals has dropped from 72% to approximately 50%.
Method. In-depth interviews and shadowing of users was done to learn about everyday routines and needs through the process of cooking, from planning and shopping to cleaning and storing. I analysed the industry, competitors, market, current trends, future technology and societal predictions and interviewed a food historian for historical perspective. Workshops, sketches and physical mock-ups were used to create, evaluate and validate my concepts with private and professional users.
Design. Fastronomy is a mini-kitchen that replaces cooking, frying and boiling with hot air and steam. It is linked to a delivery service where you buy food that comes vacuum packed in single serving portions and is pre-cooked when necessary to ensure high quality.
Service. You can mix and match the accompanied seasoning and sauces, and choose a preferred cooking method (or leave the choice to the device) to achieve a variety of different taste experiences from the same ingredients.
Technology. The food is hung on sticks to optimise airflow and for the experience of seeing the food transform into a delicious meal. When the cooking is done, the double walled cooking glasses can be taken out and cleaned in the dishwasher. 
Order fresh ingredients online. Mix and match accompanied spices and sauces to your liking.
When you feel inspired, you can turn on the bluetooth to adjust the cooking sequence on your smartphone or smart device.
Use the add-on basket to cook any of your own ingredients that you can't put on a stick.
When you're tired, just turn the lid 90° to cook. The device recognizes a tag on each stick to choose it particular default cooking sequence.
Fastronomy cooks with hot air and steam. 
With hot air and steam you can bake or grill as in an oven. You can fry as you would on a pan. And you can boil as you would in a pat - even rice or pasta. It's like a mini-kitchen. But faster.
When you're done, take out the glasses and wash them in the dishwasher. Or steam them and rinse under water. 
Interview & shadowing of users through the whole process of cooking from planning to eating and re-heating.
Expert interviews with a professional chef to learn about professional practice and current trends.
Expert interview with a food historian and desktop research for historic perspective.
Market opportunities.
Styleboard: Simplicity and tactility.
Brandboard: 6th sense and experience.