HYPERION | Mining operator's helmet for Atlas Copco
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    Term project completed in 2012 at Umeå Institute of Design.
Background. Hyperion is a hard hat concept for modern mining that was designed in collaboration with Atlas Copco and personnel from the Swedish mining company NewBoliden to cater specifically to the needs and tough environment in modern subsurface mining. 
Method. It was designed after observing and interviewing professional miners during a visit to their mine, 1300 meters underground in northern Sweden. Research showed that the equipment used in subsurface mines is not specifically designed for the tough conditions found underground; it is merely a collection of industrial tools and equipment. This results in a clutter of tools that rust, break and don’t make the work as easy as it could be.
Challenge. General safety and well-being of the mining operator during the eight hour work shift alone underground is directly affected by three factors: 1) protection and the ability to get help in case of an accident, 2) light to walk and work, and 3) connectivity for safety, efficiency and entertainment. The challenge was to provide a solution to this that would adapt and allow free movement and a smooth workflow throughout the work shift. Since all personal protective equipment must be worn through a full eight hour work shift, comfort and flexibility is key. 
Design. Hyperion has an extra layer of shock absorbing cushions compared to other hard hats, and in case an accident does happen it automatically calls for help via its impact detector. It has been equipped with three adjustable lights to adapt to most work situations. Thirdly, Hyperion offers the option of being connected to the mining vehicle to receive information and alerts via about your current work or your co-workers. 
Hyperion has been awarded a red dot award: design concept 2012 and an IDEA Bronze 2013.
No light. Tough environment. High noise.
Current solution to problem: a clutter of products that rust, break and dissappear.
Connected to the mining vehicle to receive information and alerts about your current work or your co-workers on a head up display. It also features an in-ear microphone and headphone for music and communication and active noise cancellation that cancels out up 70% of the surrounding high noise.
Being connected to the vehicle allows the helmet to function purely as a reciever of information, minimizing its weight. The vehicle furthermore functions as an extension of the radio connection antenna.
A cushion made of a material such as d3o or Poron XRD would absorb up to 90% of the impact in case of an accident. A built-in fall detection system detects if the miner has been hit and would automatically call for help.
Research (testing, shadowing & interviewing) inside the Renström mine in northern Sweden, 1300 meters underground.
Research synthesis & analysis.
Mock-up evaluation of ideas.
Sketch development.
1:2 clay modelling.
Final presentation, model being evaluated by NewBoliden's representative.
Presentation of the results to Atlas Copco at their Design Competence Center.