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    Redesign of an electric screwdriver targetted at the Hultafors brand. Completed in 2012.
Background. The brief was to design a 3,6V electric screwdriver for a brand that did not yet have one in their product range. 
Design. This Hultafors electric screwdriver translates the simplicity and sturdyness of Hultafors’ current tools to that of an electric device. The amount of screws in the shell has been reduced from 12 in the reference model to 3 in the final design.
Off the shelf 3,6V screwdriver to be used as reference.
Pencil, photoshop & clay sketching.
Exploded view: The total amount of screws has been reduced from 12 to 3.
3D printing in an Objet printer.
Colour exploration.
Painting the 3D printed parts using a professional NSC colour system.
Carefull assembly.
Final, functional model.
Functional model next to one of Hultafors' existing hammers.