Carousell often has promotions where we give away free coins to sellers, so they can try our paid ad products, and hopefully convert to paying users in the future. 

After the giveaway, we observed that a significant percentage of users didn't use the coins to purchase any ad products, and let the coins expire.

We conducted a focus group discussion with these sellers, to understand why. Through this discussion, we learned that users aren't aware of how our ad products work, and they were confused and overwhelmed by the number of options they were presented.

One of these products was bump - which had 3 options, that were very unclear.

What is a Bump?

When a listing is freshly created, it appears at the top in search results when users are trying to find an item on Carousell. But as time wears on and new users create listings in the same category, the listing keeps dropping in rank, and potential buyers will have to scroll way down the page to notice the listing.

To push old listings to the top, Carousell offers an ad product called Bump.
Identifying the problems with the bump feature through user feedback
Key problems identified

Too many options confuse sellers about what to choose

All the bumps offered had only two variables, the number of days to bump and the number of times to bump in a day. Do we then need so many options?

Lack of choice and customization on bump plans

Despite having 3 options for bumps, users had no choice or variation in when the bumps occur. They could either bump instantly, or for 3 days consecutively in a row. There were many users who wanted to bump on alternative days of the week, and none of the choices offered had that option.

Sellers have to remember to bump again to continue promoting the listing

The longest continuous bump offered was a 3 day bump. Sellers who wanted to constantly promote their listing would have to remember to go back on the app and bump the listings again. This adds memory load and work for the seller, and often loss of business. Many sellers like to bump their listings on Fridays and weekends, and when they forget, the volume of chats they receive reduces.

As sellers forget to bump their listings, Carousell loses potential revenue.


Make bumps easy to understand and choose for sellers, and give them control and customization.


Have a single selection of Bumps. A user can then choose to bump instantly, or schedule bumps for later. 

Schedule Bumps

Allow users to select days of they week to bump. They can one to seven days of the week.

Allow users to choose the bump frequency per day.

Let the user schedule bumps for several weeks in advance. 

See prototype below:
Bump scheduler
Observed impact

Positive user feedback

Users found it easy to decide whether they wanted to bump once instantly, or schedule bumps for later.

Sellers could set bumps as per their business requirements, and hence it was value for money.

Sellers commented that the schedule feature gave them peace of mind. They can set the bumps and relax - unlike before when they would need to remember to bump again after each promotion.

Increase in the number of bumps promotions

Since users can schedule bumps for upto 8 weeks in advance, many sellers from the verticals such as cars and property used the feature. The revenue from bumps from verticals increased by 25%.

Future improvements

Allow users to select and schedule the time each bump occurs

Many of our top paying sellers requested us to add a feature to select the time when each bump occurs, as it can significantly impact their business. 

Introduce pay as you go for bumps

Currently, the bumps are pre-charged. Many sellers hesitate to schedule bumps for long periods of time, as they do not get their money back if the user wants to discontinue promoting the listing.

Other designs that were considered

Alt version 1

​​​​​​​In this design, we let the user select bump frequency, and nudge users to bump more times a day by progressive discounts as frequency increases.

The user can then choose to bump listings for upto 30 days continously.

Since this version doesn't let users choose specific days of the week, we didn't use this option.
Alt version 1
​​​​​​​Alt version 2

In this design we allow a user to select multiple listings and schedule them all together.

We didn't user this version as it caused complications with our pricing model. Bumps across different categories are priced differently. We would have to only let user choose listings in the same category.
Alt version 2
​​​​​​​Alt version 3

This is the version I worked on before the final version. 

Discarded because instant bump, daily and weekly bump all together was too many options, which defeated the goal of the design. 

Daily bumps meant bumps for a continuous span of consecutive days. If one selected all days from Monday to Sunday in the weekly bump, it would essentially function as the daily bumps. Hence we discarded the daily bumps entirely.

In the final design, we broke the contents on this page into two separate pages. In a a pre-screen a user selects if he wants to bump instantly or schedule bumps. If a user chooses to schedule bumps, it brings them into a new page.

 This way a user has to process information in small chunks, versus everything at once.
Alt version 3
Bump scheduler

Bump scheduler


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