This piece is done for #FashionIllustrators Monthly Theme 'Music Infuence' at deviantart (
Well, when I got to know about this theme - I knew I would definitely participate - as music and fashion is what I love.
And then watching VH-1 I saw the good old Guns n' Roses video "Sweet Child O' Mine" - this song has always been a sort of a hymn of youth to me, I listened it at school and it always made me smile. So when I heard this song that evening - an idea of a girl dressed up like Axl Rose and singing came up to my mind. And then when making some preliminary drafts - I remembered another Guns n' Roses video - "November Rain", in which Axl was marrying Stephanie Seymour. He was dressed in beautiful 18th century like suit with gold embroidery, and Stephanie's wedding dress was designed by Carmela Sutera.
So now I got the whole picture in my mind.
And here again we have another dressed up party! :)
Here is the sketch if you're curious:
As you may see in vector I decided to put the girl closer to the guy, to strengthen the feeling of his annoyance. :D
Vector done in Adobe Illustrator CS 4,
sketch - Photoshop