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    Thesis project
A graphic design thesis is a final project that is meant to showcase all of the skills that were cultivated over the course of a design program. A thesis project identifies a problem and a single objective. Through comprehensive research, design thinking, and problem solving the thesis delivers solutions that address a problem in a visually compelling manner. The project demonstrates a full range of the graduate student’s design skills, thinking and analysis, as well as the ability to visually communicate a complex topic.
I chose the topic of the exotic pet market and illegal wildlife trafficking because it connects to my passion to Brazilian nature. I did extensive interviews to find out where the gap was in educating Americans on this issue. While researching this, I conducted data collecting and field work. I discovered the market is saturated with an attempts to reach different adult audiences, but people were neglecting our future generations. My thesis aims to reach this children before they become adults and start making wrong decisions.
Stories are very important to children’s learning process. It is very normal for them to relate events from stories they hear or read to their own lives and also to relate their own lives to stories. “Kooroo to the rescue” is a story that aims to teach Americans children to love and respect wildlife.
Kids are very visual but also very tactile. They learn the best when they are playing and tend to remember things better when they perform activities with their own hands. “Adventures with Kooroo” is an activity book that allows children to learn about the Amazonian animals and their lives while playing and having fun. Activities include coloring, drawing, connecting dots, filling blanks, mazes, and much more.
Flashcards help children to learn and recall information effectively. These pieces were created to focus solely on providing curious facts about Amazonian animals. Each colorful card features an Amazonian wild animal along with interesting and fun facts about each one of them. Kooroo’s flashcards are a wonderful way for kids to learn more about the great variety of wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest.
As mentioned before, young children learn by doing and playing. What better way to do this than through doll play? Inspired by Waldorf style figurines, I created the Kooroo doll. Its appearance is intentionally simple in order to allow the child to improve and strengthen imagination and creativity. It is handmade with natural materials, and its legs and arms are flexible, allowing natural postures. The doll is gender neutral allowing both boys and girls to engage in a very fun doll play. Puppets are a natural and fun extension of the pretend play that young children engage in so readily. They are both entertaining and captivating, and can be a powerful way of bringing story time to life. Children can believe and relate to them. I created then a series of finger puppets to make the kids enter and explore the fascinating world of the wild animals.