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    This project was inspired by a friend of mine who makes amazing Mosaic art. So I decided to give it a go using my digital talent.
This project was inspired by a few things. Lately I've seen people doing a variety of mosaic art so I decided to
give it a go myself. And after I found a tutorial in the internet I gave it a try. Sadly I lacked the necessary means 
to make it just like the tutorial since Illustrator CC could not support the plug-in. So I made each polygon, square, triangle, etc. one by one and painted them the same way. I'ts an easy but time consuming project but the results make it all worth it. Thank you for viewing.
Apple Skeleton
Apple Mosaic
Pomegranate Skeleton
Pomegranate Mosaic
Kiwi Mosaic Skeleton
Kiwi Mosaic
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