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  • Creativity Conducted was the culmination of great engineering, new technology and amazing design. By taking advantage of their Flash platform, we developed a holographic-like projection system that allowed users to create dynamic artwork using a Nintendo® Wiimote something that had never been done before. Convention-goers were invited to paint in pairs on the full-screen, invisible canvas. As they did, lavish designs were – displayed in a way that presented a historic, nonlinear time line of Adobe’s achievements and break-throughs over the years. All of the designs were immediately uploaded to Flickr and e-mailed to those who participated.  I worked with Patrick Matte, Josh Esquia, Ken Marting and Ivan Todorov on the development.  We had a lot of fun creating this.
  • Inital sketches, trying to get the right angle of a 20K lumens projector so that it didn't burn our participants retinas.
  • Flat interface capture.
  • Kevin Lynch
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