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    This is a collection of quick projects I've done during my first internship; fun little widgets I just had to share with the world.
My first internship was with a local PR firm called 834 advertising and design, where I was mainly responsible for the creation of website graphics for our local clients, and promotional materials for the agency. This is a collection of those pieces. 
The following are some fun print materials I created for a building-wide happy hour event, thrown by 834. 
The following are slider images I created for 834's new website
The following are slider images I created for one of our clients, a sustainability-focused blogger.
The following is my favorite of the iterations I created to develop the brand for a celebratory event put on by West Michigan's Susan G. Komen chapter. Unfortunately, it was never used, but I thought it was worth showing the lettering and patterns I created.
totes adorbs self-portrait I vectored to be my internal avatar