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    Light systems orientation in space using light-accumula in Innopolis sity

Innopolis - a project to create a new city, which will bring together highly qualified young professionals from across the country, thereby strengthening the innovative capacity of the Russian Federation.
Prospective population Innopolis - 155 000, 60 000 of them - highly qualified specialists. Innopolis - it is a smart city with an extensive business infrastructure (technology parks, development centers, etc.), Russia's first university specializing in information technology (in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, USA), a full range of social and commercial infrastructure ( schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.) and housing at various levels (from apartment buildings to townhouses and cottages), most of which will be provided to employees hired resident companies with the right to repurchase.
Start of the project - June 9, 2012.
The first set of the University will be made in September 2013.
The first phase of construction Innopolis (Infrastructure for the life and work of 5,000 people) will be completed in 2015.
Creative director: Natalia
Designer: Pavel Ilyuk