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    slashThree Illustrations
slashTHREE Paradigm Shift

Illustrations created for the latest s3 exhibition called "Paradigm Shift".

The collective just released the v4 of the website with a brand new collection of artworks, from more than 40 artists around the globe: http://www.slashthree.com/exhibitions/15/

I collaborated with 1 solo artwork and 2 illustrations collaborating with other artists.

LUST (Carnival of Desires)
collaboration with the German based artist Nicolas Monin-Baroille
The ilustration explores a personal vision of Namazu, a giant catfish part of the Japanese mythology. 
Namazu was believed to cause earthquakes, and after the huge earthquake that struck Edo (Tokyo) in 1855, hundred of varieties of woodblock prints appeared on the market (namazu-e).
Typographic Illustration in collaboration with Anthony Harmon & Sorin Bechira