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    jive is a range of devices that you buy your grandparents. To let them keep up to date and stay in touch with you.
Jive - Social Networking for your gran.
jive is a proof of concept for a new communication device. Jive wascreated as part of Ben Arent's product design degree. Jive is a rangeof 3 products that were designed to get elderly technophobes connectedto their friends and family.

Find out more at http://jive.benarent.co.uk

    jive negates 3 mayor point of pain, which is currently stopping elderly users getting connected.
'getting online'
 one plug router solves this problem by being pre-loaded with ISP setting at  POS. So setup is a true plug and play experience.

'loading and sharing contact details'
jive uses friend passes to link a physical persons ID with digitallife. A user simply links a friend pass to there friend feed account.This will then seamlessly update all of this data onto betty.

No Mouse Needed
To operate jive you simply place an avatar onto 'bettys' display. So ifyou want to send a message screen, and you can now send a message to that person.     
you just place betty on the left of the
You place a user on the screen to find more specific updates about that person. Data is retrieved using the emdedded RFID located in the friend pass.
One plug router is a simple wireless router that provides free internet access to use with betty.
friend passes are stored in the lower section. When you want more specific information about a person you place that person on the screen.
This photo shows 'one plug router', a 'friend pass' and 'betty'.
 A friend pass - this unlocks information about that person when placed onto 'betty'.