Originating in Italy, like this stock, ‘Reticella’ is a form of drawn threadwork where fabric threads are pulled out to create a ‘grid’ on which to embroider a pattern. The inherent grid in this stock makes a perfect foundation to create a prestige design.

Reticello’ was designed as new addition to the Spicers Wine & Gourmet Companion, a compendium of their range of narrow web self-adhesive stocks, used primarily in the packaging of wine, beer, spirits and gourmet foods. Each is approached as stand-alone packaging project expressing individuality and appropriateness to the relevant market segment. 

‘Reticello’, a vintage prestige Cuvée Rosé was designed for a pearlescent lustrous paper with an inherent diagonal embossed grid with its devised brand name reflecting its heritage. It refers to the actual name of the stock Intreccio – which means interlacing or interweaving - produced by the world renowned Italian papermill, Manter Fedrigoni.

Studio: Harcus Design
Designer: Galima Akhmetzyanova
Creative Director: Annette Harcus​​​​​​​
Bottle Photography: Stephen Clarke
Label printers: Multicolor Australia