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    Cannes Lions 2013 Awarded FinansLeasing Campaign.
Our client, FinansLeasing, wanted to promote a new B2B campaign for businesses all around Turkey. The objective was to demonstrate the benefits of leasing over buying-especially for mid to large size business companies. 
Convince businesses to not to buy, but to lease. Avoid investing money in technology that will be obsolete very soon. Buying can be a huge financial burden for many companies. There needs to be a better solution. The campaign did not simply just tell the message, but it actually proved it with real visuals.
In the last 50 years, developments in technology are happening at an unbelievably fast rate. Yesterday’s new is today’s old.Three different layouts show the technological evolution for a product with a timeline… 
Apple desktop computers, HP printers and VW Caddy vans… 
You can see how products evolve year by year in a chronological order. And you can see how a new model becomes old and useless in a very short time. 
So, why buy it? Lease it.
Executive Creative Director: Karpat Polat
Creative Director: Karpat Polat / Hande Güler
Art Director: Yiğit Gümüş / Hande Güler
İllustrator: Yiğit Gümüş

Cannes Lions 2013 - Press - Bronze Lion
Cannes Lions 2013 - Outdoor - Finalist