Copy Writing for the Nike. 

Model : NBA player -- Jeremy Lin 
Design concept is a Nike shoe and also introduce the NBA player -- Jeremy Lin for the brand endorsements. 
Jeremy Lin, is an American professional basketball player, joined the NBA as full-time athlete, had signed a contract with Golden State Warrior and Houston Rockets. But only as a bench. Attracted much attention after entering the New York Knicks, becoming the 1st player, the 1st five stars of his career total 136 points, after 1974, the NBA.
The tagline of this copy writing is “ Victory On Sight.” 
The slogan is “ Just Do It. ” 

Copy Writing for the Nike

Design concept is a Leopard. The only one of the contestants was wear the Nike shoe as fast as a leopard to win the marathon competition. And also introduce the David Rudy as a brand endorsements for the Nike.
David Rudy, 800 meters athletes in Kenya, 800 meters world record holder Wilson KGI Pood for 11 years on August 22, 2010 to break as long as 800 meters world record.   
The tagline of this copy writing is “ Run Like A Leopard. ” 
The slogan is “ Just Do It. ” 

Copy Writing for Coffee Bean

Design concept is the coffee kiss. To represent the charm of coffee and also the feeling and astmosphere while drinking coffee. 
The tagline of this copy writing is “ The Charm Of Coffee. ” 
The slogan is “ Love like a coffee sometimes bitter sometimes sweet.  ” 

Copy Writing for Heineken
Design concept is a Beer Mug. To represent the sense of taste and the tactile impression of the beer while drinking the last glass.
And also it can be release the pressure and relaxing. 
The tagline of this copy writing is “ It’s so smooth, What would you do if this is the last glass in the world?  ” 
The slogan is “ Leave your touble away, enjoy this moment.  ” 

Copy Writing for the Pantene.

Design concept is a Medusa. She was originally a beautiful maiden, secretly dating with Poseidon. Athena huff Medusa’s hair into snakes, and give her a spell, look directly at the eyes of Medusa will turned into stone, and thus become the face of an ugly monster. 
The tagline of this copy writing is “ Keep young and Beautiful. ” 
The slogan is “ Silky touch, Qrresiability smooth. ” 

Copy Writing of the Banana Republic 

Design concept is the Banana Republic. Banana Republic is a political science term for a politically unstable country whose economy is largely dependent on the export of a single limited-resource product, such as bananas. It typically has stratified social classes, including a large, impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy that comprises the elites of business, politics, and the military. This politico-economic oligarchy controls the primary-sector productions and thereby exploits the country's economy. 
In the Banana Republic like the small country in Central America and the Caribbean, the most influential government officials for persional gain , corruption , bribery or powerful foreign intervention in the country has been corrupted, leading to the people forced to their livehood when the pirates.
For the “ Banana Dictatocship ”  was in Dominica, the United States often the flagrant interferences as “ Banana Republics” of the country’s internal affairs, such as the Hall from 1933 to 1944 served as U.S. Secretary of State ( Cordell, Hull ) to describe the Dominica dictator Trujillo slightly ( Rafael, the Molino Trujillo ).   
The tagline of this copy writing is “ We want to freedom of expression ” and  “ Banana Dictatocship ”
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