'There's Something Inside You' Digital Campaign
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    There's Something Inside The Bombay Sapphire. There's Something Inside You.
There's Something Inside The Bombay Sapphire®.
Bacardi Global Brands approached Shift to craft and execute a digital strategy and online campaign for Bombay Sapphire that supported and enhanced the company's new print campaign, There's Something Inside the Bombay Sapphire. The campaign, specifically the tagline, encourages audiences to explore the “Something Inside” that gives Bombay Sapphire gin remarkable depth and richness of character.  

The campaign encourages consumers to explore not only the brand story (10 exotic botanicals and a unique distillation process), but to also explore their own cultural background and experiences to discover what makes them, as Bombay Sapphire drinkers, interesting and unique.

There's Something Inside You.
Leveraging Facebook Connect and Flickr, Shift developed an interactive tool in a custom Facebook tab that asks consumers a series of questions about their cultural upbringing and their taste in art, music, travel, food and more.  While completing the questionnaire, users have the opportunity to tag Facebook friends with similar tastes and interests and share select questions to their Facebook profiles.  Based upon the answers, the questionnaire tool mines Facebook and Flickr's Creative Commons to create a unique, layered mosaic, providing a stunning visual narrative that consumers will share with their network through social channels.
My Roles
- Author of Proposal and Statement of Work
- Daily Project Management (asset & resource management, scheduling, budgeting, etc)
- Strategy
- Content Development
- Technical Research
- Facebook Advertising
- Facebook Messaging and Monitoring

The Story Behind The Concept
I helped identify the notion that people and products are an amalgamation of both their cultural influences and their experiences: 

Screen Shots
Facebook Application Front Page
"you are the unique result of your experience + culture"
The Application links to Facebook Connect®. The user chooses a base image from his Facebook photo gallery.
The user answers questions about his cultural influences (hometown, family traditions, etc) and personal experiences (education, occupation, travel, interests).  The user can tag Facebook friends from his past and present who have shared common experiences.
A cultural layer is created.
An experience layer is created.
Culture + Experience = You
The user can share his mosaic with Facebook friends.
The Summary
Everyone and everything has a story.  Facebook, as a social platform, provides an instant audience for users to share their stories.  Thus, we used the aforementioned
Culture + Experience = You formula to empower users to tell their unique stories by building and sharing biographical mosaics.

The Success
The campaign, which I managed from start to finish, was a major success for Bombay Sapphire.  5,500 mosaics have been created and shared to date.  The momentum of the campaign doubled Bombay Sapphire's Facebook fan base: prior to the kickoff of the campaign, which lasted from June to August 2010, Bombay Sapphire had 16,400 fans; six months later, they have 33,000.