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Client: School for Strategic Architects — a program within the framework of Kyiv Mohyla Business School, created for transformational leaders of business, state and social structures that influence the systems and create the rules of the game.
Objective: to develop an integral system of visual identification and communication of the training program.
Solution: design of a complex design system that transfers the interaction of the transformation leader and systems to the architectonics.
Key visual principle: visual relations built on the contrast of pairs black and white, heavy weights and thin lines, marked and free space symbolizing the open nature of complex systems with the ability to freely enter and exit, the ability to transform.

Idea: three lines of the logo, one above the other, build a composition in which the graphic symbol — the winning diagonal — is dominant. The diagonal fascinates the text group and is the leader. The word combination "School for Strategic Architects" equals the diagonal as a metaphor for the balance of the team and the leader. 

Formal and functional solution: the font has a strict "architectural" character, harmonious proportions and rhythmics. It blends well with other visual messages, text modules, graphics, infographics, photos and collage. The font solution consists of Cyrillic and Latin sets. Font selection provides high functionality. The logo is easily scalable and the letters have a contrast to the background and are clearly visible even in low light conditions.  

Facilitates the process of perception and memorization. Thanks to the uniform style of the system, an identical visual communication is achieved. Both in the logo and in all the visual codes of the "School for Strategic Architects" identics, the basic principles of visual communication are:
- The principle of expediency;
- The unity of the whole;
- The principle of dominance;
- Comparison of parts;
- The principle of dynamism;
- The principle of equilibrium.

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School For Strategy Architects

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School For Strategy Architects