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Typeface Portfolio vol.4


"The Water Margin" is one of the four famous Chinese classics, and it is a chapter novel written by Shi Naiyang in the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty. After it came out, it had a huge impact on society, and became a model for later Chinese novel creation. At the same time, it is also one of the earliest Zhanghui novels written in vernacular in Chinese history. It is widely spread and popular. It is also one of the epic works in Chinese language and literature, which has a profound impact on Chinese and East Asian narrative literature.
Looking at "
The Water Margin" for the third time this year, I felt that Liangshan 108's nickname was very interesting. Based on his understanding of the characters, they designed their nicknames, sharing some of them first, and then sharing them in several issues.

 ____________________________________ [ 呼保义 ]  Hubaoyi _________________________________________
 ___________________________________ [ 玉麒麟 ]  Jade Unicorn ________________________________________
 __________________________________ [ 智多星 ]  Chitastar ________________________________________
 ________________________________ [ 入云龙 ]  Go in cloud dragon ______________________________________
__________________________________ [ 大刀 ]  Big sword ________________________________________
__________________________________ [ 豹子头 ]  Leopard head ______________________________________
__________________________________ [ 霹雳火 ]  Thunderbolt ________________________________________
___________________________________ [ 双鞭 ]  Double whip ______________________________________
___________________________________ [ 小李广 ]  Xiao Liguang _____________________________________


The whole book describes the grand story of the Song Jiang uprising in Chinese history from its occurrence, development, and failure through the description of Liangshan heroes' resistance to bullying, Shuibo Liangshan's growth and the Song Dynasty's enlistment, as well as the grand story of the Song Dynasty's battle and eventual demise. Deeply revealed the social roots of the uprising, enthusiastically praised the uprising heroes and their social ideals, and specifically revealed the inherent historical reasons for the failure of the uprising.
__________________________________ [ 小旋风 ]  Small whirlwind ______________________________________
_______________________________ [ 扑天雕 ]  Flutter sky vulture __________________________________
 _____________________________ [ 美髯公 ]  Beautiful bearded man ________________________________
 _______________________________ [ 花和尚 ]  Flowery monk _________________________________
 ______________________________ [ 行者 ]  Lone Ranger _________________________________
 __________________________ [ 双枪将 ]  General with two guns _____________________________
 _____________________________ [ 没羽箭 ]  Drowning arrow ________________________________
 __________________________________ [ 青面兽 ]  Bluefaced Beast _____________________________________
 ________________________________ [ 金枪手 ]  Golden Gunman _________________________________
Typeface Portfolio vol.4