Please note that this is a PERSONAL PROJECT and so I will make NO PROFIT from it, I am only using the JIS logo because I found it in the Unicode character set and wanted to incorporate it into a piece of concept graphic design. I do not work for JIS, nor is this product range in any way real. It is simply an experiment in graphic design; I hope you understand that.

This project is intended to create a simple, functional and useful medicine classification and packaging system for distributing medicine industrially. That is, when medicine is needed in large quantities for third world crises or even for your regular pharmacy or hospital. The JIS. Medicine system is universal, easy to read, and can be applied to many different countries and cultures, simply using the name and quantity of the medicine to give the user what information they need, fast and hassle-free.
JIS. Medicine also uses a smiling face ideogram to inspire trust and belief in the reliability and quality of JIS. products, a symbol that is recognised across the world as being uplifting and jolly - just what the person needs if they're in need of medecine.
The JIS. packaging uses triangular prisms to reduce the number of corners, and therefore crumple points, on the box without bothering with a cylindrical packaging design. The triangular concept also helps for easy storage, as triangles tesselate and the contents of each box are visible from their end faces.
JIS. Branding
The JIS. branding uses the company's 2005 logo, freely available as part of the Unicode character set, and - in select places - the tiled symbol of benzene rings (another Unicode character) in a calm blue and light grey colour.
JIS Logo
The JIS logo now includes the smiling face ideogram, along with JAPANESE INDUSTRIAL STANDARDS in a simple and legible modern sans-serif.
The JIS. Medicine comes in three main packages: a 100mg packet, a 200mg packet (twice the size, naturally) and a larger pack which can store 8 200mg packets or 16 100mg packets, useful for distributing hight quantities of specific medicines without the individual packets being loose. The larger box can also be used in a shop setting, with a flap-open function to allow customers to take a 200mg or 100mg packet from inside.
Bulk pack
There is also a larger packaging option, an elongated cuboid to store six 8- or 16-pack boxes. This larger option would only be for transport storage; once it reaches it destination (whether a third-world country in need of medicine or a local pharmacy), individual packs will be taken out and the cuboid box will be disposed of.
Distribution pack
As mentioned before, this box can store 8 200mg packets or 4 100mg packets, and has a perforated lip and a top flap so the contents can be easily accessed.
Individual packs
The individual packs (200mg or 100mg) also have a perforated tab, which opens up one side of the triangular prism, out of which can be taken the medicine bottle itself, a tight fight inside the packaging.
This is the 200mg form of the penecillin package, abbreviated to PEN200 in the JIS. classification system so it can be easily identified. This abbreviation adorns one triangular faces, whereas on the other side, there is a large smiling face ideogram to make the user feel a little better. One face of the box contains information about the medicine in several different languages.
The JIS. Penicillin-100mg packaging is similar to the PEN200 packaging, but more petite. The same amount of information is still included on the box.
PEN200 Distribution Pack
The distribution pack has very little information on it, for reasons of functionality and ease of use. It is adorned with the abbreviation of the medicinal contents (here, 8xPEN200), the JIS. logo and smiling face ideogram. The distribution pack can also tesselate.
When the pack is opened - it is not intended to be multi-use so it doesn't matter about the state of the pack afterwards - the user can also access a lot more important information about the medicine inside, including ingredients and JIS. contact information. The black interior also holds large, friendly messages from JIS. to inspire hope in the user - this may seem over-the-top, but in fact a little reassuring can help a lot.

~William Dalton