Logo Designs
Logo Designed for a chic, upscale Steakhouse in downtown Montreal. This logo needed to be very upscale so I used a clean serif font. I used a leather pattern on the logo to symbolize the steakhouse while giving it a relaxed and inviting look.
Logo designed for a large annual party in Mexico. I wanted to use something bold and exciting to capture the feeling of being at the party with the music pumping. Logo will be used every year changing the date on the bottom.
Slu Search is an online St. Lucian search engine and business directory. I used the blue from the St. Lucia flag and went with a tab, symbolizing the style of tabbed searching on the webpage.
Rise Above Clothing is a clothing company that makes clothing for skateboarders. For this logo i used the dark blue lines to give it flow symbolizing the movement while on a skateboard while also highlighting the initials ra.
Bizick is St Lucia's version of Yelp.com providing a business and entertainment directory as well as a guide to the country. The client wanted an iconic logo that would grab attention and be remembered. I chose a bee symbolizing the buzz around the country, to represent businesses, and be easily used marking places on maps.
Green Vanilla is an all natural, organic ice cream shop. While designing the logo I used a soft round font to give a calm natural feeling while the vanilla flower and bean represent the all natural nature of the ice cream.
The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority wanted a stamp to celebrate their tenth anniversary. I used the company colors to create lots of contrast and the banner to give a celebratory mood to the icon.
MDW is an environmentally friendly construction company focusing on using recycled materials. I used the two shades of green along with the leaf to show this in the logo along with the soft flowing text to show motion and things being reborn.
ColoEarth is a green technology company. I used the mix of the green leaf and circuit board to symbolize the merge of technology and being environmentally friendly.
This is the header for the magazine Top End. It is a regional monthly magazine for the Sports car Club of America. I designed a tackometer and bright bold font to show hitting the redline in your car as in racing.
Seamless Sewlutions is the brand of a seamstress specializing in making uniforms. Sewlutions is a play on sewing solutions and St. Lucia so I used the national colors and illustrated a needle and thread. 
Weekly Specials is the weekly sales flyer for the Supermarket chain Super J. I designed this header to be instantly recognizable, fun and eye catching. 
Illuminate is the header for the LUELEC's quarterly magazine. I designed this to enhance the image for the electric company's quarterly newsletter.
Nest Egg Financials is an accounting firm focusing on small businesses. I used the dark green and brown to show clients strength and commitment . I also added the golden egg icon leaning against the logo to symbolize the protection that Nest Egg offerers to your businesses finances. 
Serious Ting is the name of the Peace Corps magazine in the Caribbean. It brings news and stories of caribbean countries and volunteers to the peace corps community. To symbolize both and create a balance I used a combination of both a fun handwritten font and a bold newspaper font and a bright color.
Turn E-Publishing. I developed this logo to represent their e-book department. I wanted to merge the digital with the traditional with the page turning of the logo.  
The Coffee Spot is a locally owned coffee shop in Denver. It is a non-pretentious, relaxed, fun and friendly hangout and I designed to logo to represent that aspect.
Moon Walk is a 5k walk done at midnight to raise money for breast cancer research. I designed this logo to simply show the nature of the nighttime event.
Rock Cake is a reality company in St. Lucia. This logo was developed to be professional and show the nature of the business through looking at the logo.
Grenada VAT (Value Added Tax). I developed this simple stamp to be added to promotional materials and signage throughout the introduction of VAT in Grenada and beyond.