South Island Pie Co.

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    South Island Pie Co.
    Jamie is a kiwi ex-pat who wanted to share New Zealand's savoury pie culture with the residents of where he now lives: Edmonton, AB. Thus, South Island Pie Co. was born. They came to Paper Leaf needing the whole works: name, logo, visual identity, packaging design, and so on.
    The end result is a playful, laid-back brand that takes cues from Jamie himself, as well as the kiwi culture. 
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    Brand Reasoning
    There are some interesting underlying ideas and influences that steered the choices made in the branding process. 
    Logotype: We wanted something that gave a bit of a handcrafted vibe, as a nod to the nature of the savoury pies the company made, as well as something that had some personality to coincide with the team behind South Island.
    Accompanying Typefaces: Populaire was a perfect choice as a beautifully designed, handcrafted-feeling display typeface. A little bit fun, a lot bit attention-grabbing, it matches the brand personality perfectly.
    Triangular Pattern: the opaque red triangular pattern seen on the print materials is influenced by patterns found on the traditional attire of the Maori (New Zealand's indiginous people).
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    The Market
    The crew at South Island Pie Co. is doing a small run this summer at local Edmonton markets to test consumer response. Business is going very well, which is a testament to the pie-tastiness!