White atmosphere
White atmosphere:
apartment design for mom and her creative daughter
Team: 1.618 \ Olexander Gen \ Volodymyr Lehkyi \ Anastasiia Dereshivska \ Yaroslav Fedyna​​​​​​​
Project manager: Andrii Rozhylo
Project Area: 68 sq.m
Project Year: 2020
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Two-bedroom apartment for mom with baby and pets is located on the 7th floor of a new building in Lviv.
We redesigned the apartment so that we could organize a comfortable kitchen-living room. The design used a maximum of natural and tactile elements, as requested by the customer. We also provided a place for children's hobby - drawing.
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The total area of the apartment is 68 sq.m.

To expand the kitchen area, we mowed the wall between it and the bedroom, thus creating additional space for the living room. Another change in planning is the demolition of window sills in the kitchen. Instead, we put panoramic windows through which you can get to the balcony.
The apartment is lined with single contour parquet, which begins in the сorridor.
We mowed the slope near the front door for practical purposes - thanks to this trick a convenient place for communications (alarm, intercom, switches) is created.
The duo of white and wood played at full power here! For greater dynamics, it is diluted by blue accents in the sofa, radiator and kitchen apron.
We put the oven and microwave together: it is comfortable in everyday life and looks stylish. A hidden gas boiler is above them. The refrigerator is mounted on the right.
This room is a perfectionist's dream, because there is nothing superfluous. Complete harmony of the most necessary things.
The presence of a wardrobe covered the need for a closet, so the room, even reduced after redevelopment, has plenty of space.
Under the bathroom, we provided a place to store dirty things - an alternative to a laundry basket.
We are not fans of enameled tiles for two reasons: quality is expensive, and cheaper options are extremely unreliable: over time, the enamel wears away in places with the greatest movement and the appearance of the tile deteriorates. So for this area we used porcelain tiles.
Child's room
In daughter's room the white color is diluted by a barely noticeable pink splash: a door in the table, a chest of drawers and a blanket.
Chest of drawers and table - individually made according to the drawings of our architects.
The hanging carousel chair adds lightness to the room and inspires dreams.
The main feature of the room - the walls on which you can paint, because they are covered with marker paint!
The child is delighted and the mother is happy. This means that our work is done 🙂
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White atmosphere
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